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Gas Turbine Fuel Nozzle Refurbishment

Fern Engineering's Diagnostic Skills Add an Extra Measure of Assurance to the Reconditioning of Gas Turbine Fuel Nozzles

Fern Engineering Provides Expert:

  • Problem Diagnosis
  • Reconditioning
  • Calibration

Fern Engineering Diagnoses Nozzle Problems:

  • Improper Flow Distribution
  • Fuel Nozzle Plugging
  • Accelerated Wear
  • Component Damage
  • Faulty Check Valve Operation

Often, faulty components leave characteristic footprints on troubled gas turbine fuel nozzles. Knowing what to look for makes a big difference in the service of your fuel nozzles. At Fern Engineering, we don't just clean, calibrate, and return fuel nozzles. We employ the most rigid standard of diagnostic testing to assure ourselves and our customers that their fuel nozzles are operating properly. Fern Engineering's ability to diagnose problems gives us the inside track in the field of nozzle reconditioning services. Fern Engineering offers its clients an unequalled fuel nozzle support facility that enables them to share in our nearly three decades of gas turbine experience.

Liquid Fuel Spray Pattern
Liquid Fuel Spray Pattern
Liquid Fuel Spray Pattern

Fern Engineering's nozzle facility is dedicated solely to reconditioning and calibrating gas turbine fuel nozzles. To meet our client's critical schedule requirements, these services are offered on a rapid turnaround basis at the lowest cost. The company services a wide variety of fuel nozzles and specializes in General Electric and Westinghouse heavy industrial varieties.

Partial Client List:

  • ADM
  • Reliant Energy
  • Chevron
  • Coastal Technology
  • Coastal-Aruba
  • Milwaukee Metro Sewerage
  • Metropolitan Edison
  • Florida Power
  • Hovensa
  • Consolidated Edison
  • San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Columbia Gas Transmission
  • Chromalloy
  • Taunton Municipal Light & Power
  • Chugach Electric
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • Turbine Technology, Inc.
  • General Electric
  • Turbine Services Limited
  • Dow Chemical
  • Union Carbide
  • Sulzer Hickham
  • Houston Light and Power
  • Golden Valley Electric
  • Texas A&M University
  • Hess Oil
  • Kauai Electric

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Increase power output by having Fern Engineering convert your dual fuel nozzles to single fuel.

PDFFuel Nozzle Modification - Conversion of Dual Fuel Nozzles to Gas Fuel Only (PDF - 606KB)

PDF"Converting Dual Fuel Nozzles to Single Fuel Gives Aquila 250 kW" Gas Turbine World, March-April 2003 (PDF - 6.06MB)

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