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Turbomachinery Design and Engineering

Fern Engineering provides expert design engineering:

  • Equipment Modification and Redesign
  • Component Upgrade and Improvement
  • Hardware Procurement and Installation Supervision
  • Installation Design

Fern Engineering solves important Gas Turbine Reliability and Performance problems:

  • Increase flow, power and efficiency by modifying existing in-house equipment.
  • Make troublesome turbine components more durable, more efficient and at the lowest cost.
  • Install new or used equipment otherwise too big or too small for other companies to handle.
  • Convert simple-cycle to combined-cycle or cogeneration.

Partial Client List:

  • Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad
  • John Brown Engineering
  • Engineering Design Group
  • General Electric
  • Puerto Rico Water Resources Authority
  • Hydro Quebec
  • Florida Power
  • Turbine Services Limited
  • Ventech
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
  • Taunton Municipal Light and Power
  • Kuwait Gas Turbine Power Station
  • American Bureau of Shipping
  • Electricity Corp. of New Zealand
  • Golden Valley Electric
  • International Turbine Systems
  • Northern Border Pipeline
  • Hague International
  • Sohio
  • Kenetech
  • Amerada Hess Corp.
  • OMNI
  • TransCanada Turbines

The following partial list, generated from the Fern Engineering project files, represents examples of our engineering design, modification, and hardware procurement services:

50 MW Gas Turbine-Generator Sets

Fern Engineering furnished all civil, mechanical, and electrical design services for the installation of five gensets in the Middle East. In addition to the installation, the design included facilities for fuel storage and off-loading, a protective foam supply system, a water storage tank and forwarding system, and a transformer deluge system.

Compressor Retrofit and Modification

Fern Engineering provided a low cost, high volume pressurized air source for a refining process. Fern Engineering modified an existing axial compressor to accept a used steam turbine driver. The modification included couplings and provisions to accommodate changed rotor thrust. Speed and surge operating limits were defined. By implementing this modification the purchase of expensive specialized process equipment was avoided. Modifying a used axial compressor was quicker, more cost effective, and satisfied the process requirement.

Engine Test Facility

Fern Engineering designed the mechanical, electrical, and control systems for a unique double-ended test cell. The facility is used to conduct testing of new and overhauled GE LM2500 and LM6000 gas turbines and features a 50 MW double-ended generator with a test cell at each end. Fern Engineering provided the design for the test cell drive train, structural base and enclosure, engine subbase, inlet and exhaust ducting and connections, turbine engine transporter, and LM6000 exhaust diffuser. Procurement drawings and specifications were provided for the generator lubrication system and turbine-generator couplings and spindles. Unique pneumatic and hydraulic systems were designed and employed for the turbine septum wall and inlet module access doors. Fern Engineering also provided the design for the fuel and lube oil quick connect/disconnect systems, the electrical, control, and fire protection systems. The owner has a rapid turnaround, state-of-the-art facility and is able to measure power output and heat rate before releasing a turbine to service.

CAD Layout of a 50 MW Double-Ended Engine Test Facility
CAD Layout of a 50 MW Double-Ended Engine Test Facility

GE MS5001N Improved Exhaust System

Fern Engineering redesigned the exhaust system of a fully fired combined cycle system to reduce pressure losses in the draft system. The redesign included turning vanes, expansion joints, insulation, and a bypass damper. Fern Engineering oversaw the installation of the system and final confirmation testing that resulted in improved power and heat rate.

Structural Analysis

Fern Engineering has conducted numerous analyses in support of new designs, design modifications, and failure analyses. Fern utilizes finite element computer codes such as ANSYS, ALGOR and many other codes. These analyses include heat transfer, stress, strain, low and high cycle fatigue, fracture mechanics, component vibration, rotor vibration, and more. Components analyzed include turbine discs, blades, casings, rotors, and others. Result: Problem areas are quickly identified. Downtime, lost production, and expense is minimized.

Turbine Disk Stress Analysis
Turbine Disk Stress Analysis

Power Turbine Improvements

Fern Engineering has designed modification kits that eliminate the operating and power restrictions in CW Mod Pod power turbines. In addition to a complete redesign of the power turbine casing, Fern Engineering provides modifications to six other turbine components. Fern Engineering fabricates the components via source-approved vendors, arranges for packaging and shipment, and provides installation supervision. Twelve Mod Pod units have been modified with these uprated components and another ten are presently being evaluated for uprate. Mod Pod owners are able to realize up to twenty-five percent increase in power output.

Design Of Entire Gas Generator and Power Turbine

Fern Engineering designed an entire 1200 KW gas turbine electric generator unit for a Dutch client. This gas turbine featured a gas generator, power turbine, intercooler and recuperator. Fern Engineering designed all of the turbomachinery components from concept to procurement including blades, vanes, impellers, diffusers, casings, bearing housings, and bearing squeeze film dampers.

Heron Gas Generator Cross Section
Heron Gas Generator Cross Section
Heron Gas Generator Cross Section

Design Of Regenerator Installations and Piping

Fern Engineering has been involved in numerous gas pipeline regenerator replacement projects. Fern Engineering was responsible for orienting the regenerator, the design of the support structure, the ducting, expansion joints and piping.

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