About Us: Experts in Turbomachinery

Fern Engineering's headquarters, located in Wareham, Massachusetts, USA, is a fully equipped engineering facility dedicated to gas turbine design and repair.

Fern Engineering was founded in 1967 as an engineering consultant company specializing in gas turbines. The company originally focused on providing design and failure analysis services to gas turbine owners and manufacturers. In 1979, the company was acquired by Thomassen bv, a Dutch gas turbine manufacturer. The company was commissioned to design a highly efficient 10,000 horsepower industrial gas turbine. The project, partly funded by the Dutch government, was cancelled early in 1984. Shortly thereafter, Thomassen divested themselves of their U.S. holdings, including Fern Engineering, and Fern Engineering, Inc. was reorganized and re-incorporated in July, 1984. The company is currently owned entirely by its employees.

Since its founding, Fern Engineering's principal objective has been to establish a standard of excellence in engineering services and products. In the past three decades, Fern Engineering has grown in stature and has earned the respect of its clients as one of the foremost, authoritative, independent engineering firms in the nation. Today, the company continues to pursue the traditional Fern Engineering business line of providing expert consulting and design services, as well as innovative products, to many segments of the domestic and international turbomachinery industry.

In addition to numerous state-of-the-art personal computers, Fern Engineering has three CAD stations equipped with AutoCAD™, and has licensed copies of ANSYS™ for finite element and CFD analysis, and GATE/Cycle™ for gas turbine and combined cycle power plant performance design calculations. Fern Engineering also has licensed copies of Rockwell Automation's PanelBuilder32™ and RSLogix 500™ for building Allen-Bradley programmable logic control (PLC) systems, as well as the latest version of Compaq Visual Fortran which is used in the programming of some of our performance monitoring software.

Fern Engineering has an extensive collection of literature related to gas turbines and HRSGs including technical journals and papers, OEM installation, operation & maintenance manuals and technical bulletins, OEM technical drawings, and design code books. Fern Engineering maintains accounts with the US federal government's National Technical Information Service and the Linda Hall Library which facilitates delivery of virtually any technical article or report within a matter of days, if not hours.


The Fern Engineering Team


Matt Bourgeois, President

Mr. Bourgeois joined the company in 2015 after spending over 20 years in various sales and marketing positions with both small and large organizations. His focus is to expand awareness of the Fern brand and to assist in increasing Fern’s market share in key markets. He also serves as Fern’s Quality Manager and championed the design and implementation of the company’s quality management system, which was certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard in 2016.


Hector S. Bourgeois, President Emeritus

Mr. Bourgeois served as Fern’s president until his semi-retirement in 2017. In addition to his administrative duties, he leads all of Fern Engineering's gas turbine hardware development projects. These projects have included the Schelde Heron H-1 gas turbine design, an upgrade of the Curtiss-Wright MOD-POD gas turbine casing, and an improved design of the Rolls-Royce Avon transition piece. Before joining Fern Engineering in the early 1980s, he worked for GE, Pratt & Whitney, and Rocketdyne. While at Rocketdyne, he was responsible for the design of high-speed turbo-pumps used in the engine for the space shuttle. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and, in total, he has over 35 years of turbomachinery hardware design experience.


Ryan Raymond, Fuel Nozzle Manager

Mr. Raymond has held positions of increasing responsibility in Fern Engineering’s fuel nozzle repair and flow testing facility since joining the company in 2005. He has participated in or supervised the testing and repair of hundreds of sets of industrial gas turbine fuel nozzles, including sets for Siemens-Westinghouse, GE heavy frame and Pratt & Whitney gas turbines.