Fern Engineering: Keeping the industry current on best practice

"Potential for 43% Boost in Combined Cycle Profits"
(PDF - 4.78MB), Hydrocarbon Processing, August 2004

"Boosting Gas Turbine Power... What the Numbers Say about Inlet Cooling and Supercharging Methods"
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"Test Cell Employs Quick Change-Out Capability"
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"Cycling HRSGs"
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Avon Transition Duct Redesigned to Eliminate Leakage and Extend Service Life"
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"Gas Turbine Fuel Nozzle Refurbishment: Follow these Guidelines to Improve Reliability and Reduce Emissions"
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"The Cause and Low Cost Solution to Blade Fatigue in Large Centrifugal Air Compressors"  
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"Upgraded Generator Yields 25 Percent More Power"
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"Improved Exhaust Transition Piece for Avon GTs"
(PDF - 1.2MB), Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide, October 2002

"Gas Turbine Performance Upgrade Options"
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"Intercooled Recuperated 1400-kW Genset Has an 8000-Btu Heat Rate"
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"Equipment Repowering: LM5000 to LM6000 Conversion"
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