System Controls

Control of the inlet coolers can be accomplished with one of three methods.

  • Personal computer
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Direct programming into a plant digital control system (DCS)

A typical Fern Engineering control system delivers precise cooling control with typical increments of 1°F with PLC logic managing multiple cooling zones.

Each zone consists of one or more nozzle manifold lines being opened. Optimum cooling is achieved with an algorithm that selects the needed flow stage of one or more zones.

The Control Panel View and Operator Interface Screens pictured below represent (2) of many screens available on the user-friendly operator interface panels to monitor system performance and perform system diagnostics.



  • Advanced PLC logic manages multiple cooling zones
  • Typical cooling increments of 1°F
    • Prevents shocking the gas turbine
    • Prevents warping the casing
    • Allows the gas turbines controls to adjust
  • Maximum versatility to meet all inlet conditions
  • Complete instrumentation to monitor system operation and provide alarms and data feedback